Elaine Gunn - ELA 7

Miss Gunn

four students stand with Miss Gunn at her Masters graduation at UTC, fall of 2019 

Monday through Friday, 7:15-2:15, Miss Gunn can be found teaching 7th grade English on the upstairs hall at OKMS. Her class is rarely quiet, because learning is often quite loud. She's got a mean eye for grammar and a big heart for young, developing writers. She also may or may not regularly attempt rap battles with students.

pup Yugi sits on Miss Gunn's computer as she editsMiss Gunn hiking with pup Yugi

After school and on the weekends, you can find her editing projects for clients or taking a ~super easy~ hike. Either way, her trusty pup Yugi is always by her side.

Aaron and Matt Gunn radiating coolness

She also perpetually lives in the shadow of her cool younger brothers. Ask her students about them... they've likely heard countless stories.


Miss Gunn's classroom code is simple.

1. Challenge yourself every single day
2. Respect yourself, students, teachers, and school property
3. Use calm responses with everyone


Always feel free to:
text: 423-243-0431
request text (homework and announcement updates) by texting: SUBSCRIBE to 423-243-0431

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