Purpose:Math Matters

  • For all students to engage in math skills daily
  • Grow their math fluency and number sense
  • To reduce the opportunity gap
  • To narrow the achievement gaps

How the Program Works:

  • The program offers learning activities that focus on fact fluency, computation, and word problems. The combination of game play and traditional lessons allow students to engage in the program on different levels based on their interests.
  • Students can access the program on any device through the classlink website. The program is available any time students are and every time the student logs in the program tracks the student’s progress and participation.
  • Students are provided with incentives along the way. The students will receive incentives for their participation and earn points towards prizes for their school too.

Math matters for all students, let's start adding up those minutes today!

The new totals will be posted here weekly. The cumulative totals by school are below:

Top Minute Elementary Schools

Minutes of Learning Gained

Middle Valley Elementary   36,474
Allen Elementary  31,592
Bess T. Shepard Elementary  29,251
North Hamilton County Elementary  27,469
Ooltewah Elementary  23,634

Top Minute Middle Schools

Minutes of Learning Gained

Loftis Middle  2910
Brown Middle  2267
Hixson Middle 1963
Sale Creek   1950

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